WTF IE8 Testing Movement #24

Guess what kids? Install IE8 and you won't be able to go to Microsoft Update anymore (at least in IE8 mode).

Yeah. You heard me.

In my IE8 exploits tonight, I have to re-image the Mrs. Fear and Loathing's laptop (goodbye Vista, hello XP) so I wanted to grab a copy of service pack 2 (I have to slipstream the install with some updated SATA drivers so XP can find the hard drive). That took me to the Windows Update site which got me this raspberry:



You *can* get around this. Click on the "IE8 is screwed so pretend you're IE7 please" button then re-launch Internet Explorer. You'll be able to visit your precious update site again.

Yeah, ask me how thrilled I am now?


  • @Chris: You know, yeah, I realize it's beta. However beta means that it has been tested and should perform. Whatever. It's silly and I should know better.

  • Did you try this (this is different from Emulate IE7 which requires a restart)?

    From IEBlog:
    For the convenience of beta users, a new menu option is available in beta versions that will enable the IE8 beta to masquerade as IE7 without restarting. When the “Report IE7 User-Agent string” option is checked, IE8 will send the IE7 User-Agent to allow beta users to interact with any sites that have not yet updated to support IE8.

  • The words "Beta" "IE" and "Microsoft" together scare me. I'm not touching IE 8 until it's been out and working for 3-6 months...I prefer Firefox anyway, unfortunately you can't use it for everything. In an ideal world Firefox would work flawlessly with SharePoint and all MS Products...

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