What would you rather have...

A system with no source control, or a system with no tests?

Personally I would rather have a system with no tests. At least with tests I can write them. With no source control, well, welcome to my Monday morning.

It's going to be a long week.


  • That really depends on whether you are working in a team or alone. In a team environment I would rather have source control. In case I am working alone I would rather have tests.

  • Well, you paint a pretty broad scenario. Assuming I'm starting up a new contract and I walk through the door, I'd almost rather hear that they don't have SCM, but they do have tests. I can setup my own SCM (Subversion) pretty quick.

  • I've read this story before. Edgar Allen Poe, right? Did you go get the source code off of the production server?

    See you Friday.

  • (your blog seems to have eaten my last comment)

    You paint a pretty broad scenario. I'm assuming that you mean you walk onto a new contract, and the client tells you "I have no...., but I do have ....", correct?

    In that case, I'd pick tests. I can setup source control pretty quickly

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