SharePoint Forums and Knowledgebase Release Date Updates

Just wanted to let everyone know I've updated the plan for the release of the SharePoint Forums and SharePoint Knowledgebase Web Parts. These are the dates as I can commit to them now (crazy holiday schedule and stuff that just prevented me from getting the job done):

SharePoint Forums v2.0.0.0

  • Prod: Feb-12-2007

SharePoint Knowledgebase v1.0.0.0

  • Beta: Jan-29-2007
  • Prod: Feb-26-2007

Not a lot of information on the Knowledgebase Web Part yet (other than this post). Feel free to log your own features/enhancements in the Issue Tracker yourself and vote to shape the feature list!

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  • This is absolutely WONDERFUL news!!

    I am looking forward to the revisions and updates.

    I Do have one question, Will we have a feature to allow us to display the last 5 or 10 posts to the board, regardless if they are new for the user or the date? IE, The 10 Newest Posts? This would be an excellent feature for my users.

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