My XBox 360 is blogging, and I didn't even know about it...


Here's a twist on that old adage that the machines are taking over the world.

In a freaky SkyNet like fashion, I *discovered* that my XBox 360 is blogging. You heard me right. My game console is blogging, and it's not me writing the blog.

Here's my XBox 360's blog in all it's glory.

I did not sign up or create this (at least I don't remember doing it). I simply turn my machine on from time to time and get my butt kicked by 15 year old pre-pubescent's who simply rock at Gears of War.

Somehow, somewhere, for some reason my game console just started blogging one day. And it does it every day.

Some of the oddly weirder moments in my Xbox 360's posts:






What worries me now is the Wii and PlayStation 3. With the XBox (well, he's been blogging for a good year or so now) what are *they* going to do?

Bil needs to take a drink and lie down now...


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