Keith, not Dennis

Ritchie. It's a name in the geek world that has deep rooted meaning for those of us old enough. Dennis Ritchie, along with Brian Kernighan created the C programming language way back when.

Anyways, long time SharePoint guy Keith Richie, not to be confused with Dennis (but it can be confusing because Keith; Kernighan; Ritchie; Richie; get it?)  announced he would be leaving Microsoft and heading over to the Mindsharp world. Wow, that group just keeps getting bigger and better with Todd, Bill, AC, and now Keith.

Keith is the most excellent author of the SharePoint Utility Suite which I'm sure all of you use on a daily basis (I do).

Congrats to Keith. Microsoft is losing a great resource, but there's balance in the SharePoint universe as he's still out there and will hopefully be producing great tools as usual.

You can find his new blog here with his announcment of his old busted MS departure and new hotness MS arrival here.

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