Feeds not working on weblogs.asp.net

Not sure what the problem is but if you subscribe to my feed (via my feedburner url, http://feeds.feedburner.com/bsimser) you may have noticed that the feeds around here haven't been updated. In fact there's no new feed since May 1st.

The feedburner feed is stagnant but what's more disturbing is that feedburner is working correctly, it's the source of the feed from Community Server and weblogs.asp.net that isn't updating. I checked the private feed (sans feedburner) and it also shows May 1st as the last post.

I sent a note off to the weblogs.asp.net guys but haven't heard back. I'm posting this here in the hopes that someone on weblogs.asp.net is seeing the same problem (and it's not just me) and maybe something gets done about it.

Maybe I forgot to pay the rent on my site? ;)

Update: I've been clicking on other peoples RSS link and not seeing items from the past week for many blogs. So either the feeds are not getting through on my end (DNS problem? I doubt it) or something is messed up on weblogs.asp.net/Community Server.


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