SharePoint Knowledgebase Project on CodePlex

As I mentioned last week, I have a new project in the works. The SharePoint Knowledgebase Web Part that should fill the gap for those looking to build this kind of beast on SharePoint. It has a new home on CodePlex, right next to the SharePoint Forums Web Part.

Will fill in the details this week on it on the sites Wiki including screenshots and other good info. Forums are open for discussion now, suggestions, etc. and the issue tracker will fill up with the initial production release which will be September 15th. A beta release will be available August 15th which will weed out any bugs before production.

As with the SharePoint Forums, I'll be managing the project using Scrum, the Issue Tracker as my backlog, and the release system on CodePlex. I've staggered the releases of this web part to fall in the middle of the month so now you'll get two updates a month from me. One for the Forums, and the other for the Knowledgebase.


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  • Hi Bil,

    I realize this project is a bit old, but I noticed that there are no current releases available on the CodePlex project site. Moreover, when I tried downloading the source code, building, and deploying it - I cannot get it to work. Is this still a functional/active project?


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