Scrumm for Team System, free as in beer

Conchango is a consultant services provider focused on delivering solutions to improve the business performance of companies through the application of information technology. I’ve been testing their Scrum for Team System product for awhile now and now they’ve released it as freeware.

Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and was developed with the help of Ken Schwaber (the father of Scrum). It’s a process template for Team Foundation Server that enables Microsoft's lifecycle tools to express their behaviour in terms of the processes, terminology and artefacts of Scrum. The add-in is pretty slick and covers all the major aspects of Scrum and is a much better implementation (IMHO) over something like MSF for Agile (that comes OOTB with TFS).

So check it out if you’re looking to adopt the Scrum process into your Team Foundation Server world. You can download the add-in for free from here (registration required, but free remember).


  • Just a note that there is only 1 "m" in Scrum. I always harp on people that post messages with two "m"s. Problem is when I posted this I didn't realize I mis-spelled the title until after the fact and last time I changed the post title it totally wigged out my RSS feed (and everyone who subscribed) so I left it. Anyways, for the purists out there I do know the difference but goofed up this time.

  • I am having hard time to implement this with Team system. I was not able to find a place to post Question or get help.


    Create Sprint

    Create BacckLog Items

    How to link Sprint to Backlog Item

    How to add user

    How to add Status



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