Addison-Wesley announces definitive SharePoint book

Okay, so how definitive? Like would you ever buy another SharePoint book in your life? I guess that’s all relative. Anyways, here’s the marketing blurb for Addison-Wesleys latest SharePoint book.

SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts: Site Definitions, Custom Templates, and Global Customizations

  • By Jason Nadrowski, Stacy Draper. 
  • Published by Addison Wesley Professional. 
  • Series: Microsoft Windows Server System Series.

In SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts, two world-class SharePoint consultants show how to make SharePoint "jump through hoops" for you-and do exactly what you want.

Jason Nadrowski and Stacy Draper have built several of the world's largest SharePoint implementations for a number of Fortune 50 enterprise customers. Now, drawing on their extraordinary "in the trenches" experience, they present solutions, techniques, and examples you simply won't find anywhere else.

SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts addresses every facet of SharePoint customization, from site templates and definitions to document libraries and custom properties. The authors cover both Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and illuminate SharePoint's interactions with other technologies-helping you troubleshoot problems far more effectively.

Next time you encounter a tough SharePoint development or administration challenge, don't waste time: get your proven solution right here, in SharePoint 2003 Advanced Concepts.

  • Construct more powerful site and list templates
  • Control how SharePoint uses ghosted and unghosted pages
  • Use custom site definitions to gain finer control over your site
  • Build list definitions with custom metadata, views, and forms
  • Troubleshoot WEBTEMP, ONET.XML, SCHEMA.XML, SharePoint databases, and their interactions
  • Create custom property types to extend SharePoint's functionality
  • Integrate with other systems and SharePoint sites so that you can use their information more effectively
  • Change themes and edit Help, one step at a time
  • Customize email alerts and system notifications
  • Extend the capabilities of document libraries
  • Control document display and behavior based on extensions

They have Online Sample Chapters available here on custom SharePoint 2003 templates. Enjoy!

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