SharePoint Builder

We were talking at the MVP Summit and I mentioned there are two pet projects I want to get done by the end of this year. Today I'm revealing the first one which is a graphical editor for SharePoint Xml files (ONET.XML and SCHEMA.XML in particular). This is similar to something like NantPad which does the same thing for NAnt files. I got pretty fed up with editing the Xml files by hand (and even using something like XmlSpy is a pain, not to mention costly) and didn't see that changing for V3 (the Xml files have been reduced and are nicer to work with, but they're still there). So I wanted something better.

Features of the tool:

  • Client based editing so you can work offline
  • Publish to server and reset from inside the tool to see results immediately
  • Graphical editing of all nodes in ONET and SCHEMA
  • Validation of nodes so your output isn't screwed up
  • Context Menus so you can just add stuff without having to know all the Xml behind it
  • Ability to read in ONET and SCHEMA files from existing SharePoint sites for editing
  • Visible output of Xml as you build it
  • Ready for V3 as it understands both 2003 and v3 versions
  • Great Taste! Less Filling!

Email me if you want in on the beta (oh god, there goes my spam count). Looking for people to not only kick the tires but help shape the features and usability of it. Cheers!


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