Stupid SharePoint Fact #327

Ever wonder why all those FrontPage (and subsequently now SPS and WSS) directories were called /vti? VTI was the acronym for a company called Vermeer Technologies Incorporated. Microsoft aquired the company in 1996 which had a flagship product. This product eventually became FrontPage. Hence all the vti directories all over your servers. You can check out the original press release here on it.


  • The original VTI version of Frontpage was my first webeditor :-) Unfortunately I don't have a copy anymore...

  • Its the kind of unique sharepoint information like this prompts me to click on your syndication XML button! Ha. Funny, I never knew that, and I've had to look at those annoying directories for, what, 8 years now?

    Seriously, I enjoy your Sharepoint info, particularly your rants. I've got a love-hate thing going with it, too.

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