Creating a Tabbed Interface for your WSS site

This was asked in the newsgroups about how to build a tabbed UI in a WSS site. Luckily, there's a great FrontPage component you can use for this that makes building it a breeze. First pick a site you want to add the interface to (or create a new one, doesn't matter). Next open up the default.aspx page in FrontPage 2003.

Adding the Tabs

The FrontPage component we want to use is the Interactive Button. Find a place on your page you want the tabs to appear. In this demo we'll put them under the site description. Once you have a place for it and the cursor positioned there, select Insert | Interactive Button from the menu. This will bring up a dialog box to describe the button. Pick a button that works with the design of your site. NOTE: the buttons don't follow the style of your WSS site so you should land on what theme you use up front before adding the tabs. Below I've picked "Soft Tab 6" which matches the default WSS site style pretty closely.

On the Font and Image properties you can alter the button to your hearts content. Click OK to insert the button onto your page. You should now have something like this in FrontPage:

Now select the button on the page and copy it then paste it next to each other as many times as you want a tab for (1 tab for each page). In the example below we're going to have 4 tabs going to 4 different pages.

Each tab (interative button in FP terms) represents a different page in the site. So first save the default.aspx page 3 more times as Tab1.aspx, Tab2.aspx, and Tab3.aspx (or whatever names you want). The reason why we save default.aspx is because we want to preserve all of the parts of the page. We could have created 3 Web Part Pages to hold content, but we would lose the Quick Launch bar and other properties so this just keeps things more consistent. Also you can't copy'n'paste an ASPX page in the folder view so this works for us.

Now load each page up by double clicking on it in the Folder List, select each button on each page and change the properties so that a) the Text property of the button is what you want it to be and b) the Link property points to the file you want the button to take you to. We'll call our tabs Home, Contacts, Tasks, and Documents. After creating the new pages with all the renamed buttons we should have something like this (4 tabs with 4 pages loaded up):

The FrontPage work is done so save all the files and close FP down. Now go back to the site in your browser and select each tab. This will take you to each new page you created (you can check it in the Url). Now drag and drop whatever web parts onto that page that's appropriate for your design. When your users hit the site, they'll click on each tab which will take them to the new ASPX page which contains the new lists. Because we copied the default.aspx page as our original, all the great stuff like the Quick Launch bar is there (and will be updated on all pages when you add new lists) and the tab interface looks seamless! Here's our Task and Document pages showing this off:

Additional things you can do if you want:

  • Change the style of the button for the page that's currently selected (so Home for default.aspx) so people know what tab/page they're on
  • Rather than making the content static, you can drop it onto a webpart and reuse it (haven't tried this but it should work)
  • Create your own style that will change with the style of the website (this involves editing the HTML of the link buttons to make them use the named CSS styles of the WSS site)
  • Create some more images as a border to display below the tabs to make them integrate to the site a little better
  • Change the title of each tab page (in FP2003)

One note, the technique here of creating all new pages and saving it will end up creating a lot of duplicate buttons. You can take the extra time to go into the HTML code of the page and have the buttons point to the already existing button images rather than creating new ones each time the page is saved.

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  • Just one problem, I had to hit Home before moving on to the new tab..quite odd. Any explaination why the browser did not refresh from tab to tab?

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