You can do the TODOs today too!

Don't just leave your junk lying around. (c) Bertrand Le Roy 2002 If you’re anything like me, you probably litter your code with TODO comments, postponing random tasks for the sake of moving the project forward. And there is of course a non-zero probability that you are going to ship with those comments still in.

So I want to propose the following call to action to all readers of this blog: open your current project and start implementing what’s in those TODOs today.

Finding the TODOs is easy. In Visual Studio, do CTRL+SHIFT+F (search in files), make sure you are searching across the whole solution and search for “TODO”. In the results window, you can click on each result to open the file at the TODO comment location.

While working on a file, you can open the task list window (CTRL+\, CTRL+T), open that drop-down menu and choose “Comments”:

TaskList Comments

Once you’ve done that, Visual Studio brings you a list of all those TODO comments in the currently open files, which is easier on the eyes than the search results window:

Task List

You can now go through those one by one (double-clicking on the TODO in the task list takes you there) and delete the comments once you’ve implemented the feature they describe.

UPDATE: some commenters pointed out that the todo list is limited in scope. I updated the post. Resharper also apparently has a greater feature around that.


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