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  • ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 is out!

    It's a great pleasure to announce the beta 1 of ASP.NET AJAX. It is a major release of the product formerly known as Prince Atlas. There are too many changes to enumerate here (we basically remodeled the house), but the idea is to provide a rock-solid core and continue to innovate with the value-add CTPs. I'll blog in the next few weeks on some of the new features, and the first one will be the compat layer, which has been completely redesigned based on your feedback.

  • From closures to prototypes, part 1

    There are basically two ways to define classes in JavaScript: closures, where the constructor of the class both adds methods to the new instance and provides a common context for them, and prototypes, which are the first place JavaScript will look at when looking for a member that isn't directly defined on the instance. Don't worry if you don't understand everything I just said, I'll show and explain.