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  • Old iPaq and Media Player 11?

    This is so frustrating I thought I'd just make a blog post and see if someone has a solution. I have an old HP iPaq of the 1900 series, partnered with my Vista Laptop. I like that old PocketPC because it's fairly slim, easy to program and runs a few nice emulators like the ScummVM (mmmh, Sam & Max...). Anyways, every single freaking time I launch Media Player on the laptop, if the iPaq is docked, I'm getting a dialog box that says "your device is using an outdated driver that is no longer supported by Windows Media Player. For additional assistance, click Web Help." No "don't show this again" checkbox, you have to endure the dialog every single f*#$% time.

  • Surface computing is here

    Just amazing. I had seen this at internal Microsoft events and knew that something was cooking, but it's almost here. Not just a cool tech demo anymore but something that launches this winter and can already be used at the New-York Sheraton.

  • The Wiimote doesn't work...

    ... for anything else than aiming and frantically moving up and down. In other words, slow movements aimed at the screen work well, as do fast, imprecise movements, but anything else is impractical.

  • Microsoft Ajax events - part 1: subscribing

    When building Ajax applications, you basically deal with two kinds of events. First, there are DOM events, and second, events from JavaScript objects. This second category is not part of the EcmaScript specs (or of the DOM specs, of course) so each framework needs to define its own pattern to expose events. This makes it more difficult for developers to include components built on different frameworks into a single page, which is one of the problems that OpenAjax tries to solve. I'll get back to this in a future post and show how to integrate Microsoft Ajax events in the OpenAjax hub.