• Come on :)

    Don't insult your own and your readers intelligence by posting stuff like this.

    I gather that you were asked to do this to help your company in trash talking a competitor. A very questionable PR strategy that your company successfully deploys.

    Lots of animals are killed every minute of support human life. These animals are killed in any number of ways. I am not saying it is OK, but most of us (non-vegetarians) supports an industry, who's not exactly famous for protecting animal rights, every time we shop at the supermarket.

    And from the "I don't understand"-department, why do Americans keep electing presidents that destabilize poor parts of the world? Perhaps there more valid issues to report on?

    Anyway, keep up the otherwise excellent work!


  • The comments are the kicker, No one seems to care, or think its a big deal.

  • that was freaking morbid. whoever does it i am sending my jedi knights to do what what he did. remember people isaac newton law ' action - reaction '

    jedi knight go and take care of all of them. thats your order jedi's seacrh and destroy mission. sam tactics then areb 51 the bsatards. use my new waeapon if you want. its called photonic thruster. go guys have fun remember we are immortals andn they are not. LOL because we are sons of gods.

  • Fact: 99% of people who would play God of War thought that looked like a cool party. Excellent PR.

  • 4th commenter: I guess I'm in the 1% who *would* play God of War II and still think this was sick and undecypherable PR.

    f3arthis00: I have no idea what you're talking about :)

    Aaron: sure, it's probably not a big deal, but I still don't get it.

    Nis: where to begin? First, I'll tell you what's insulting: you insinuating that anybody tells me what to write in my blog. I don't even work in the Xbox division. Plus, I'm not "trash talking" anyone. I've heard quite some trash talking in my life. This is not it. By a very, very large margin.
    A few things you should know about me before you make baseless assumptions.
    * I'm not currently a vegetarian. I've been one between 0 and 25, but not for ideological reasons. I now eat my meat rare and I know very well what's going on in slaughterhouses but I still wouldn't organize a party in one.
    * I'm not even american. It so happens that we would possibly share a lot of idea on American foreign policy. Talk about off-topic. But if I follow your reasoning, should we stop talking about anything else because it's a more important topic?
    * I choose the subjects of my blog posts (nobody, at Microsoft or elsewhere, tells me what to write or not to write). Did I say that already?
    * There are quite a few things I like about Sony's products and I even think some of their business strategy is pretty smart (which is an opinion you won't find in a lot of places lately) and I've talked about it on this blog before. Their PR? Really don't get any of it: the commercials are *sometimes* kinda cool, but most of the times I just don't see how they are PS3 related.
    But, hey, thanks for reading me.

  • Bertrand Le Roy: First, I'll tell you what's insulting: you insinuating that anybody tells me what to write in my blog.

    I aint bothered on what or what not you write in your blog. Atleast should have not popped up on the MS Communities bar of ASP.NET


  • Electronic screw: I'm not responsible for who chooses to include my RSS feeds into theirs. I've already asked several times to Telligent (who manage the ASP.NET site) that they subscribe to the right feed for the posts that are relevant to ASP.NET, i.e. http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/rss.aspx?Tags=ASP.NET&AndTags=1 but apparently they still haven't made the change. I apologize for the inconvenience and will ask (again) that this is fixed.
    Thanks for reporting this.

  • Here's what bothers me...Nobody has pointed out the cutie wearing a painted on bikini top that proudly shows off her goodies. Animal rights or not, you all missed the bigger picture.

  • They should've used gringo soldiers killing Iraki children to keep up with the depraved barbaric environment.

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