We shipped!

I'm very proud to announce that ASP.NET Ajax 1.0 shipped this morning. This is the result of all the work we've done since the first CTP and of all the very valuable feedback from our early adopters. I can't stress this enough: this product is probably one of the Microsoft products that incorporated the most user feedback. It is also to my knowledge the first time that Microsoft releases the full source code for a supported product (yes, we have full 24x7 support for ten years).

Get all the details from Scott's blog:

Feedback very welcome as usual.


  • I have a question about AJAX. When using UpdatePanel, does all of the HTML of the page get rendered on the postback on the server when the UpdatePanel is triggered or only the portion that needs to be updated?

  • Yes, that's the point of UpdatePanel.

  • Congratulations!!!

    You've done a nice work...

  • I think what Paul meant was does it ALL get "rendered" on the server, and only the HTML that has changed get sent to the UpdatePanel. In other words does it do a "full postback"? As far as I know, yes.

  • All I can say is.. Wow.

    This looks great. A step toward melting the gap between web and desktop. Great work. Keep it up!

  • Congratulations!!


  • I've been an ASP developer since the times of Windows NT 4.0 and this is the most exciting breakthroug in the product since that time. Congratulations for job well done !!

  • hi,

    i would love to see your demo video-streams... but the quality is so bad that someone can actually not watch them...

    thanks b.

  • Question about the new controls in the RTM. I removed the RC1 and installed the RTM but did not get the new controls (new calender, masked input, etc). I looked around for a DLL to add the controls manually, but didn't find one that added anything. What am I missing?


  • nevermind...I didn't realize that the toolkit was updated as well. I dl'd the new one and re-installed the dll. Got the new controls and after cleaning up my webconfig's everything is working

  • Steve: yes, the page lifecycle is almost the same as during a postback. Render is being called on all controls but only those in the updated panels get their HTML sent to the client.

    Aron: Migration guides that explain the differences and how to adapt to them can be found on the ajax.asp.net site:

  • Very sweetly done folks ;)

    Its making my job easier each day ;) hehe.

    Dev Evangelist.

  • Congrats Scott! I've been following ATLAS closely (nice videos BTW) and made the commitment to use it on one of our largest projects here in AK! Great product!

    Continued success to you and the team!

  • Are there any good resource sites yet? Ie, with lots of newbie examples?

    I wanna populate some drop downs based on selections, whilst I've tried to use the toolkit, it fails to build properly and generates errors in VS2005, and the CascadingDropDown example whilst it does populate, I am unable to tell what it'll do if you move away from the page and back again - I personally need the values still there and the appropriate ones selected when a user clicks back...

    Any URL's to sites with examples would be handy, also - how come there's no newsgroup? I can only access MS groups from work, and I haven't yet found a microsoft.public.aspnet.ajax or equivalent etc?

  • Rob: you should try the forums on http://www.asp.net. There are also some tutorials, including video tutorials, on http://ajax.asp.net.

    Bays: thanks for the constructive feedback. You can file bugs at this url:
    Alternatively, you can send me mail using the contact form of this blog and I'll look at any issue you may have or transmit it to the right person. The www.asp.net forums are also quite helpful.

  • I've been using it in my project since BETA2 till RTM and it it's great...

    Almost perfect :) if this didn't mess up with my characters when I'm using
    on my web config... but well apart from this, it really kicks ass!

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