PrtSc now useless... or maybe not.

While looking for the character map in the accessory folder of Vista, I found a little gem that I just have to share. Vista now has a Snipping Tool that enables you to capture parts of the screen, highlight and draw on top of it and copy or save the results. Some would say it's about time and that there's about a million freewares that do this already, I'm just happy to have found it right there in Windows. It can even take non-rectangular snips:

Now I can remove one more useless key from my keyboard. That will undoubtedly become one of my favorite blogging tools (with Windows Live Writer). The only problem I found with it is that it can't capture itself (which of course is a feature...) or anything that disappears when it loses focus (which is a big problem if you're writing about where to find the snipping tool in the Start menu...). Wait, I just checked the FAQ and you can... But it uses the PrtSc key... Oh well.

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  • For those of us who can't find it at all... you most likely have to go to control panel > programs and features then on the left side select "Turn Windows Features On or Off".

    Then, when the list loads, click the checkbox that has "Tablet PC Optional Components" and that will install the snip tool.

    If you still can't get it, then you don't have home, home premium, business, or ultimate version of vista.

  • I can't get the instructions to snip a menu to work. I press CTRL+PrtSc and the snip window opens but it isn't clear what to do next in order to get the menu to be captured - it has disappeared!

  • Sure, Rick, absolutely. I knew you were going to say that :)
    Feel free to post a link to SnagIt and your Live Writer plug-in.

  • I can't get the menu capturing to work either. I follow the directions but no option to see the captured menu in the edit view. Any Help?

  • mmh. Actually no, I can't get it to work either.

  • The snipping tool is not installed by default with some Ultimate installations (maybe others?). To enable it, go to Control Panel, select Uninstall Program then 'Turn Windows Features on or off'. Once there enable the Tablet-PC Optional Components and click OK.

    I actually had to do this twice, with a reboot in between, but it is working now.

  • Thankyou this was so helpful. Microsoft didnt give me any answers but now I can get my work done.

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