Blog gets new title

I have to admit I've always been a little jealous of blogs that have cool titles or urls. I was also getting tired of the default Community Server skins, which are nice, but that I see a little too often on other people's blogs.

So here it is. I launched Photoshop, cooked up a background from a picture I had shot a few years ago of a cool pumpkin my wife had carved for Halloween. I also picked a title that I quite like and I hope you'll like it too.

So what do you think?


  • why photoshop and not expression design?
    you know ? "eat your own dog foot".

  • Oh, good question. "Microsoft Expression Design is a professional illustration and graphic design tool". Expression Design is actually closer to Illustrator than to Photoshop if I'm not mistaken. Plus, I've owned a Photoshop license for years, way before Expression Design existed. I typically use LightRoom for my photo workflow and Photoshop for more complex editing.

  • David: it's a good point for the image. On the other hand, I think a small width helps keeping the site easily readable and comfortable. I like the layout of your blog too but what I'm not a big fan of is horizontal (and even vertical) scrollbars on code samples...

  • C'est fun et ça change !! C'est vrai que ça fait du bien ! Joli travail M'sieur. En revanche j'en aurai peut-être profité pour modifier le fond et les couleurs de textes.

    J'aime bien le titre aussi :-)

  • Nice design, very nice title ;-)

  • Great work but i think you have to add a link to the homepage behind the title of your blog.

  • Love the title. I still don't have the guts to change the title of my blog to: 00000000-0000-0000-C000-000000000046 :)

    The only downside of the title is:

    a) I (and a lot of other people) tend to name feeds in their blog reader based on the name of the author
    b) Various search engines really prioritize keywords that shows up in tags ...

  • How about posting some content? Those of us that just subscribe to your RSS feed could care less what you did in Photoshop.

  • Haha I love it... I was thinking a while ago, Bertrand needs to change the name of his Blog. It's not called Atlas anymore, afterall :)

    Now I'm jealous of your non-standard header...

  • Oh man... it's so cool that I forgot what the old title was already ;) And yes... the banner goes pretty well with the title.

  • Cyrille: done, thanks for the feedback.

    John: good points about the title, but the previous one had the same problems and I'm still fairly easy to find in search engines. For your a) point, I would tend to agree, and I usually rename such blogs in my RSS reader, but the temptation of this title was just too great to resist, so I'll do with the drawbacks. So that's what happened to "less is better" then, eh?

    A reader: you're absolutely right, and I apologize. I've been on a parental leave for a month, which explains the lack of content these last few weeks. Contents will be back soon.

  • We are not evil Bertrand =). It is all fair in love, war and business. The carved pumpkin is awesome.

  • Didn't realize you were on leave, my mistake. Looking forward to new content!

  • Very intriguing. I like it. Congrats on a new family addition.

  • cool...i like it :)

  • Regardless of the new name, my feed reader will forever know you as "More Atlas stuff". :-)

    I like it. Much better than mine.

  • "Tales from the Evil Empire".... What, you're working for Apple now? :)

  • Totally love it. Awesome job on the pumpkin too.. It is perfect Evil Empire - smiling like all customer focused companies - because it enjoys squeezing blood through your eyes ; ).

  • Very memorable title! Your title is much better than the other blogs mentioned. By the way, interesting is that 1 Infinite Loop is Apple Computer's corporate address. I would agree that your blog could be a bit wider, although 100% width might not be the best. Do you have your blog on an analytics engine to examine your audiences' browser settings for width?

  • Dave: thanks for the kind comments. Good point about analytics, I should definitely do that. When I find time. :/

  • heh, i love the title dude as I at times often wonder if *some* folks online think we do actually belong to the evil empire...well now i can point those to this blog ;P


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