ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel PDF erratum

I corrected a few remaining errors in our O'Reilly shortcut on UpdatePanel (mainly references to the old Atlas codename). If you already bought it, you can download the new version for free. And if you haven't, what are you waiting for? ;)


  • The problem I've found with Safari is that I don't get the updates after a given period - they remove your purchase after a certain time. I bought this PDF when it first came out but since that time Safari has automatically removed it from my account. So basically unless I purchase it again I can't get the updated version of it.

  • Turns out I'm wrong. You cannot get the update from Safari but if you go into the O'Reilly account part you can get the PDF there still. It seems like it makes more sense to keep it on the Safari part, but...

  • Well, I can talk to my editor if you want but it would probably be more efficient to contact the O'Reilly customer service directly.

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