ASP.NET Ajax roadmap published

We just published our roadmap for ASP.NET Ajax.

In this document we describe some of the proposed features that we are considering investing in future releases of ASP.NET AJAX, Visual Web Developer, and the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.
We really appreciate your feedback, so this document is intended as much for you to provide an input to our direction as well as to give some indication of what the teams are investing in.


  • Show some realtime Example of This Roadmap implementation. so, that it can be easy to analyse how it is

  • I realize it's slightly off-topic, but one think I'd like to see in Visual Studio is code folding for JavaScript the way you can collapse tag elements in the markup or subroutines in the code-behind. We can close a whole script block, but I'd like to just close up specific functions.

  • Thank you for publishing the roadmap. I am very impressed with the ideas presented, especially the way to query on the client. It seems like the items that would be most beneficial to any application immediately would be the build improvements (script combination, minifiying, etc). I can't wait for the next release!

  • Yes, thank you for posting this. I think you guys are on the right track; basically the more stuff you can do "like" jQuery (and better!) would be fine by me.

    I didn't realize that ASP.Net Ajax supported templates; I had always just used jQuery's templating or JavascriptTemplates from TrimPath. I will definitely look forward to this feature getting fully developed. I'm sure you're going to run into all sort of performance gotchas across the different browsers..

    Looking at the controls, "Grid" would be one of my top requests. The "Upload" control would also be great! It's so hard to roll your own.

    MVC support I'm not terribly interested in, but good for that.

  • Here's my feedback on it (and several others' in the comments), for what it's worth:

    I meant to say in the post, but forgot: The transparency you guys are providing with this is just stellar. As a plain old guy who isn't an MVP or ASP Insider, it makes me happy to still have a glimpse at what's coming next and submit feedback on it before it's too late to matter.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I second the comment above. A list is much better than grid. This will also be beneficial to the guy in that he can put the thead and tbody tags in when others don't really need them.

  • I'd prefer the AJAX in MVC to not be 'baked in by MS'. Keep it separated - if you want to use MS Ajax, fine, but if you want to use jQuery, etc...

  • On forum , from you:

    "ClientID hell is something we're also working on"

    After all these years, finally.... how about this:

    let the compiler check for duplicate IDs or unassigned IDs - give a warning/error. Otherwise.... DON'T CHANGE THE ID I ASSIGN FOR A CONTROL.

    If I assign an ID, I don't want ASP changing it. If you want to assign one because I don't provide it... fine.

  • @Steve: yes on both accounts.

  • The links are broken. Could you post the new ones? Thanks.

  • @Gabriel: this post is from 2008 and is pretty much obsolete now. You should either migrate to jQuery, which is now the recommended and supported JavaScript library for ASP.NET, or go to which is where the parts of the Ajax Library that are not directly in ASP.NET can be found.

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