Off-topic: An absolutely brilliant presentation

This is totally off-topic but this is a must-watch for anyone doing presentations in front of an audience. The contents is pretty interesting in itself (the concept of electronic identity) but the form of the presentation is what will blow you away. This is absolutely brilliant.

Watch it:

Through J.B. Evain's blog.


  • Here I had thought Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity, or Jonas Salk's development of a polio vaccine were absolutely brilliant. I was wrong. Creating this presentation by spending a gazillion hours making seperate slides out of every word, capturing frame after frame on internet web sites, making the audience dizzy and bored after a couple minutes, that is truly brilliant. I had to stop watching after less than half of it was over, it was just too good to handle. Thank you, marketing geniuses, for pointing this mind blowing presentation. God Bless PowerPoint!

  • Hey Paul, thanks for calling me a marketing genius, but now I'm all depressed. If everything has to be judged against the theory of Relativity or the polio vaccine, pretty much everything becomes meaningless and futile.

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