• I am not sure how effective AJAX is, basically you need two things - 1. Asycnhronous mechanism

    2. XML feed

    however I noticed most efforts using javascript are reinventing the wheel which java had already designed and built. why can't we just have a control that provides just the above two artifacts and have java component meddle the dynamic aspect.

    Second thing I noticed is there is no code signing for javascript libraries, hence any garbage can be fed on the uplink.

    This weekend i am going to take a good look at this AJAX nonesense.

  • Way to go. Just start with the assumption that it is nonsense...

    Seriously, Java is out of the question for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that it's not installed on all machines. The goal here is to be able to easily build rich applications on just a modern browser using HTML and JavaScript without any optional plug-in.

    Do you have a scenario where the lack of code signing is a problem?

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