Upgrading TFS 2010 from RC to RTM

Just did a test upgrade on my virtual 2008 server from the RC version of TFS 2010 to RTM. I’ve a single-server installation and the instructions for upgrade is to first backup the server and the database, uninstall the RC version, make sure you really did a backup then install TFS 2010 RTM. There’s an upgrade option, make sure to select it! The upgrade will find (sometimes with a little help from the user) the old TFS databases and such and migrate/upgrade them.

I stomped on a couple of things, first I got a couple of warnings related to Sharepoint during the final parts of the install/upgrade. For example:

TF205016: Required permissions could not be granted to the service account for the SharePoint Web application in Team Foundation Server. The following error occurred: TF249063: The following Web service is not available: http://win2k8:17012/_vti_bin/TeamFoundationIntegrationService.asmx. This Web service is used for the Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products. The underlying error is: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable..

The reason in this case was that the service-account use for the Sharepoint Central Administration v3 application pool was somehow out of sync and the application pool was stopped. I fix this I made sure the account was correct and had correct password, made sure the app pool was started and that I could access the Sharepoint admin web app.

The other thing that went kind of wrong was a build configuration I had. It failed with error:

   The working folder C:\Builds\xxxxx is already in use by the workspace 1_1_WIN2K8;NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE on computer WIN2K8.

The name of my virtual server is of course WIN2K8 (I know, really creative but I was tired).

So, this may have to do with me using a virtual server and such, but I just removed the workspace with the tf-command:

   tf workspace /delete /server:http://WIN2K8:8080 “1_1_WIN2K8;NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE“

After that the build runs just fine.

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