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  • "Java succumbing to .NET in my organization", a Java developer

    A Java developer reports that the management of the group he works for inside a contractor company has decided to move from Java to .NET. The developer gives the reasons he sees behind this decision.
    I guess we could sum up what he writes like this: "Too much choice is bad". Probably not much you don't know already, but it's an interesting read. Is this a trend you've noticed?

    Of course choice is good, and I hate to see everyone wait for Microsoft to provide a solution to all their problems. But having too much options seems to be a problem, especially for managers who prefer not having to make choices...

    Read "Java Succumbing to .NET in my Organization"

    PS: of course, this doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of choice in .NET considering that we have close to 900 tools and libraries in the SharpToolbox!

  • Orcas release date, first estimates

    Roger Jennings has spotted very interesting information on Scott Guthrie's weblog. It's not like there is anything but excellent content on Scott's blog, but I haven't seen this kind of information elsewhere before.
    Scott has published a first post on using LINQ with ASP.NET projects a few days ago. Roger writes:

    Scott's LINQ with ASP.NET post provoked a large number of comments and replies, but the most interesting reply included this gem:
    We are looking to ship the second half of next year. We will start having full Orcas CTP drops (of all technologies) starting later this summer, and will also have a go-live license of Orcas before the final RTM date. So not too far off now when you can use the above techniques in production.
    This is the first Orcas RTM estimate and go-live committment directly from a Microsoft employee that I've encountered.

    If you browse the whole set of comments, you may spot other related information, which includes:
    • "We are making some changes to the CLR for that release, but are also being careful to keep a high runtime compat bar to ease deployments (the following release will then have more engine additions)."
    • "Orcas will be compatible with the 2.0 runtime. There will then be optional framework components you can install as well."
    This confirms that one of the design goals for LINQ is still to keep it compatible with .NET 2.0. What's new to me is that Microsoft is trying to keep the changes to the .NET runtime very light for the next release.

  • LINQ update: May 2006 CTP

    LINQ (including DLinq and XLinq) has just been udpated!
    There are many new features to discover. This update includes:

    • Productivity enhancements via DLINQ designer and debugger support within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE.
    • Support for a broader range of development scenarios thanks to new databinding and ASP.NET support.
    • Ability to integrate LINQ with existing code through features like LINQ over DataSet and DLINQ improvements including inheritance.
    • Feedback driven features including deep stored procedure support, since the earlier CTP.
    And much more!

    Get ready to see many posts about LINQ on this weblog. More on this soon...

    [Linq home page, Linq CTP download] (The download link seems to have problems but should be back soon)