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"Java succumbing to .NET in my organization", a Java developer

A Java developer reports that the management of the group he works for inside a contractor company has decided to move from Java to .NET. The developer gives the reasons he sees behind this decision.
I guess we could sum up what he writes like this: "Too much choice is bad". Probably not much you don't know already, but it's an interesting read. Is this a trend you've noticed?

Of course choice is good, and I hate to see everyone wait for Microsoft to provide a solution to all their problems. But having too much options seems to be a problem, especially for managers who prefer not having to make choices...

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PS: of course, this doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of choice in .NET considering that we have close to 900 tools and libraries in the SharpToolbox!

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  • On a vu lors des deux rouds du célèbre benchmark Java Petshop vs .NET Petstore les résultats chiffrés en termes de durée de développement, de stabilisation et de tuning que cette combinatoire de choix dans le monde J2EE implique...

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