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Visual Studio tabbed browsing and Mozilla Firebird and extensions

In a post from Cameron Reilly in which he was wondering whether he should give Mozilla Firebird a second look,  I said I was missing tabbed browsing à la Visual Studio in Firebird.

Well, I asked whether this could be done, and got answered that extensions exist for that. You can try the Webpanel Enhancer and the Content Holder. They don't work exactly as with Visual Studio, but this is a start.
The author of the Content Holder extension is Hiroshi Shimoda who is also the responsible for the must-have Tabbrowser Extensions.

If you wonder about Firebird or are a frequent user or simply a developer, I advise you have a look to the available extensions. Many of them are very useful for web developers. Mozilla is not only a web browser, it's also a development platform...
BTW, if you heard about XUL and want to see what can be done with it, you can try the Mozilla Amazon Browser.

Also note that Cameron has posted a positive review of Firebird after re-evaluating it.

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  • I've been using Firebird for 6 months or so, regular Mozilla for quite a while before that. I'm not sure I could go to a browser that doesn't have tabs or blocks popup ads. And it's sibling Thunderbird isn't bad either.


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