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Visual Studio: missing a keyboard shortcut

I've been struggling with CTRL+TAB since the first day I started working with VS. Till today, I still do not know how to jump to the next (visually speaking) tab in the editor. CTRL+TAB does not make it as it jumps to the next (randomly speaking) tab. I don't understand the logic behind it, and it's not working as I wish it would.

Does someone know of a working solution to jump between tabs without having to use the mouse?


  • You might try to use CTRL+F6 and CTRL-SHIFT-F6

  • I'm pretty sure that CTRL+TAB goes to the last window you accessed like a windows stack. Not in order by tabs (left-to-right).

  • If I understand right what you're after, it's the same as navigating between Worksheets in Excel: CTRL+PgUp and CTRL+PgDn

  • I didn't understand what you're after :) but now I do. CTRL+PgUp/Dn navigates between, say, design and HTML view, but not between windows.

    I don't know how to do what you want - maybe the real question is: why are the window tabs not visually ordered in the same order as their logical order?

  • Because it seems that the "logical order" is not depending on when the files where opened (while the "visual order" does). The "logical order" seems to be related to the history of the navigation between editor windows.

  • Ctrl+TAB goes one way and Ctrl+Shift+TAB the other way, just not always according it's layout.

  • Jan, I'm now used to this behavior, but I still believe that a keyboard shortcut to navigate from tab to tab in their visual order would be useful.
    Now that there is a list of tabs displayed when you press CTRL-TAB (VS 2005), this is not so much of a problem though...

  • This makes me hate VS every day I work with it. I reliougysly keep the number of open files to 2 at the most.

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