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ThinkTank - Collector: an RSS Aggregator Web Service

Idea: a web service aggregating RSS feeds the way any RSS client does, plus a light WebForm frontend for interaction. One of the goals is being able to retrieve the content of complete RSS feeds without missing posts just because your client-side RSS aggregator is down. This is similar to what Jesse Ezell did with the .NET Weblogs archive but as a WS and with more options to come. A somewhat similar product is the Genecast News Service which converts RSS feeds into Usenet news feeds. See also Bloglines and MyWireService and  Feed-Me.Info and SyndiCache and MyBlogroll.

Such a server aggregator should be used with clients, so an API needs to be defined. Maybe Atom brings something new compared to RSS on this matter. I didn't have time to check it out.

I'm thinking about three interfaces:

Admin (password protected, SOAP only)

  - Login()
  - Logout()
  - AddRssFeed()
  - RemoveRssFeed()
  - SetFeedProperties()
  - GetFeedStatistics()
  - AddUser()
  - RemoveUser()

User (password protected, SOAP only)

  - Login()
  - Logout()
  - void FlagFeedItems(string feedID, string[] itemIDs, bool setFlag)
  - void MarkFeedItemsAsRead(string feedID, string[] itemIDs, bool beenRead)
  - XmlDocument SearchInReadItems(string query, [optional] string feedID)

General (free for all)

  - XmlDocument ListFeeds() [HTTP GET + SOAP, returns OPML]
  - Feed.Properties GetFeedPropertie(string feedID)
  - XmlDocument GetFeedContent(string feedID, int maxItemCount) [HTTP GET + SOAP, returns RSS]
  - XmlDocument GetFeedContentByDate(DateTime minDate, DateTime maxDate, int maxItemCount) [HTTP GET + SOAP, returns RSS]
  - XmlDocument GetFeedInfo(string feedID)
  - void SubmitRssFeed(string url)
  - XmlDocument Search(string query, [optional] string feedID)

I already have some pieces of source code, but this project is a bit stalled at the moment due to lack of time. If someone is interested in seeing it, just let me know.

See also my suggestions for MyBlogroll.

Update: this is somewhat related.

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