SCSFContrib is Alive!

I'm pleased to announce the startup of a new project on CodePlex. I'm very happy to be part of the team to bring you SCSFContrib.

What is SCSFContrib? If you're familiar with NAntContrib where members of the community contribute extensions to NAnt (specific NAnt tasks) then you're on the same wavelength. SCSFContrib is very similar, extra goodness for CAB/SCSF with a few differences:

  • It is based on the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) and the Composite Application UI Block (CAB)
  • It allows you, the community, to contibute to an effort that extends patterns and practices deliverables
  • It shortens the time that contributions/changes/extensions to SCSF/CAB will make it into the public. Rather than waiting for a drop from the patterns and practices team, our team will help manage these and make them available through the CodePlex site
  • Provides guideance to the patterns and practices team as to where gaps exist in the current factory and how they can make improvement in the core

There are three Contrib projects in motion, SCSFContrib being one of them. The other two are EntLibContrib and WCSFContrib (Web Client Software Factory) which allow contributions to each of those projects.

Note that this project does not allow you to contribute code directly to the core application blocks. We're talking about extensions here (for example there's an Outlook Bar extension that will be one of the first ones we release under the SCSFContrib project) but that doesn't preclude you from creating your own version of a core block. For example you could replace the Dependency Injection block completely if you wanted, but we won't be replacing it directly in the Factory. It could be enabled as part of a recipe (Use ObjectBuilder or XYZ for Dependency Injection). Of course everything generated has to work with the changes, but that would be up to you. In addition, the one small thing we ask for is full unit tests with any new development (although Alpha/Beta projects won't require these).

While this was initiated by Glenn Block and the Patterns and Practices team (thanks guys!), the SCSFContrib project is run by community folks (myself included). Here's who's on the team:

Kent Boogaart

Author of WPFCAB. Kent has done some great work in the CAB space by developing a WPF version of our Windows CAB extensions. He’s graciously created an unmodded version that will be included in the contrib.. This product is in production in several environments today. Kent’s blog is at

Ward Bell

Ward is the product manager for IdeaBlade, one of Microsofts key partners out there spreading CAB adoption through their Dev Force solution. IdeaBlade was one of the pioneers of Smart client software development in the .NET space. Ward is also extremely seasoned in the industry with 20+ years of experience. Ward’s blog is at

Matias Woloski

Matias works at Southworks. Matias and the whole Southworks gang are truly gurus at everything related to CAB, SCSF and WCSF as they helped Microsoft write it. Matias is also the author of the Outlook bar extensions for CAB. Matias’ blog is at

And me, Bil Simser, major geek and general all-around nice guy.

Here's to the successful launch of another P&P Contrib project and hopefully you'll find use with the SCSFContrib project in your own solutions. You can check out the CodePlex site here and be sure to voice your opinion via the discussion forums or issue tracker as to what you're looking for (or contribute something you've built with CAB/SCSF if that's your thing).

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