An API for my crack addiction

I'm addicted to crack. That crack is called Facebook.

At first it was a silly thing. A social networking site with very little geek factor. It's fun to connect with old friends, make new ones, and generally keep on top of where people are and what they're doing. However I felt empty. A site like Facebook is just ripe for tearing into it and presenting and using the information you want the way you want to. The REST-like access to it seemed kind of klunky and you had to log in via a web page to obtain a session (there's a bit of a hack to do an infinite session, but it's just that, a hack). So I wasn't too interested in what it could provide.

Now my crack addiction has a proper API and a developer toolkit. Finally I can actually do something with my addicition rather than just admire it. The toolkit requires a developer key (which you can get from facebook for free) and the .NET 2.0 framework. You can grab the tookit here. There's also a developer wiki you can checkout with lots of QuickStarts, videos, walkthroughs, tutorials, and discussions. Is it just me, or is everything here very MS centric? Maybe MS should just buy Facebook (as everyone else is buying everything else out there) and call it a day. Of course they would have to rewrite it since it seems to run in PHP, but with dynamic languages and the .NET framework in the pipeline it could probably just be converted on the fly.

I'm still waiting for my invite to come through for Popfly, but in the meantime this will keep me happy as I write up some cool new Silverlight/Facebook apps on SharePoint. Yeah, nothing like mashing up all kinds of new stuff together to see how it works.

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