DevConnections - Day 1 - Brush with greatness

A funny thing happend on the way from the speakers room today. Julie Lerman said "Oh Bil, you're the perfect person". Well, I never really considered myself perfect but who am I to argue. What she meant was that I was perfect for some interview hooligans that was going on at the entrance to DevConnections. Greg Proops is a comedian who's claim to fame is the very funny show Whose Line is it Anyway? Greg and crew were on-site at DevConnections interviewing geeks and nerds and asking questions like "What would you do to fix Microsoft". Oh god. Let's sit down and go get some more video tape. I interviewed with Greg (well he was doing the interviewing but I wasn't being the adle-minded geek so I had to just go off on whatever tangent came to me, this was being caught on film you know).

I have no idea what they're doing with the tape or where it will show up (and if they respect ratings they won't put my mug online anytime soon) but it was a fun gig. I would post the picture I got of me and Greg standing and looking silly but they took a polariod and for the likes of me I can't find a scanner around this place, so that will have to wait. I had my digital there with me but for whatever reason they wouldn't take the shot with my camera. The nerve of some high-priced actor eh? Last time I'm watching his show (feel free to boycot the show as well and tell him I told you so, that'll teach him from not taking a picture with my camera).


As for the conference, I have to admit I didn't spend much time around the floor today. I was trying to get out to the exhibitor booths and say hi to a few people (Bamboo, CorasWorks, Quest, etc.) and I will do that over the next day or so (promise guys!) but it was a lazy-try-to-enjoy-sin-city day for us. I'm just finishing up my code for tommorows session on Events with SharePoint and will post the code samples after the morning session. No slides as I think they're silly so a few notes written in Notepad that I'll flash on the screen and code, code, code. Sorry for anyone who's looking to buff out their powerpoint deck collection as you won't get any from me this week. 

Tonight a walk along the strip to the Bellagio where we caught some of the fountain show, did some more gambling, and watched the street dealers hand out portable porn to people where you can get an hour with Jody and Buffy for $99. Wonder if that includes a shiatsu massage? I guess anything is possible in Vegas. No pictures as I was too dazed from yesterdays late night to remember it but I'll catch a bunch for you later and create a new Flickr set called "Las Vegas" for those that need it. 

And what's up with Vegas? Two quirks for the day. I can't seem to get a lime. Anywhere. Ever. Lemons are plentiful, but limes seem to be an alien organism that doesn't exist here. At least everywhere I try to eat. The other thing is everything is so damn big here so if you order, order less or else you'll just be wasting most of your meal.


So last of the non-technical content, tommorow it's presentations and techno-babble for everyone!

Todays Gambling Debt: -$5.00: Lost $80 on slots but then won $75 back again.

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