SharePoint Service Architecture and site updates

Found this on TheServerSide.NET and felt it was worthy to post:

A new paper on MSDN looks at the architecture of SharePoint Services beginning with a high level overview of the web server and drilling down to using managed and unmanaged code. This paper is a “must read” for anybody looking to develop applications built using SharePoint Services.

There’s quite a bit going on under the covers of SharePoint services. SharePoint Services is implemented primarily through an ISAPI filter installed in IIS which accesses unmanaged DLLs installed on the web server. The ASPX pages that make up a SharePoint site are actually a relatively thin veneer over those same DLLs. All of the data is then stored in an MSDE or SQL Server Database. And this is the high level view!

To read more about SharePoint Services Architecture look

For this site, a few new links in the SharePoint and Scrum sections. The site is filling out nicely since I started it 6 months ago, although I wish I could post everyday as there's a lot of great stuff to share. Please feel free to let me know if I've missed anything important or you have something to share.

Also I've taken a couple of blogs and turned them into articles so you can find them in the sidebar. These were ones where I got some feedback and people were asking a lot of questions so there was interest to keep it around and to the forefront (migration of sites, branding SPS, etc.) I'll add more as they become a reality.

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