SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles - bugfix release, how to update

Today I released version of SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles. This is a bugfix release where the following issues are fixed:

Change Log - SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles v1.4.0.3

Product Version:
- Fixed issue: Documentation and Sample.ps1 machine configuration file had missing ';' after first line of configuration (SharePointDeployment = 'ClientObjectModel')
- Fixed issue: UseClaims flag of machine configuration was not passed correctly, so Claims Authenticated deployment with client object model (Office365 for example) was not working
- Fixed issue: Custom configurations not working due to missing parameter in Deploy.cmd and Redeploy.cmd
               See: (thanks Amadeu)
- Fixed issue: Code outside begin block when doing ClientObjectModel deployment
- Fixed issue: Not all files packaged (fixed by Danny)
- Fixed issue: Deployment path incorrect (one letter missing)
- Fixed issue: Mapped folder ABC would also deploy files in unmapped folder ABCD due to startswith() logic.
- Initial release to general public.

To upgrade the NuGet package to a new version execute the following steps:

  1. To upgrade your NuGet package following the following steps:
  2. Right-click on solution or project, and select Manage NuGet packages…
  3. In the Manage NuGet Packages screen click left on Updates
  4. Select the SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles package and press the Update button
  5. Open from the menu Build the Configuration Manager
  6. Make the project configurations match the solution configurations (always mixed up after uninstall/install or update)

This should get you up and running!


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