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  • Webstorm – great IDE for web development

    I’m really interested in front-end web development, and although Visual Studio 2013 is the main IDE in our company I’m really impressed by Webstorm from JetBrains, the guys behind Resharper. It is a full featured web development IDE for under $50. Although I’m impressed by the better support of Visual Studio 2013 for web development, Webstorm feels like “exactly made” for web development.The reason I favor Webstorm right now is that Visual Studio is pushing you too much into the Microsoft way, with server side code, web.config files etc. I want to build single page apps, front-end (JavaScript and Typescript) code only, talking to services, that can be hosted on any web server, or even drop box, and can also be embedded into a Phonegap mobile application if needed.

    And the great thing: it works on OSX and Windows, I have my code on dropbox and can hop from mac to windows without changing a thing.

    Check out

    Note: I’m in no way affiliated with, or sponsered by, JetBrains, just a happy and impressed user.