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  • VS 2005 website Framework settings trouble + solution

    I installed VS 2005 on my development  machine where I also run SharePoint. This did not work. My SharePoint did not function anymore because the 2.0 framework was now parsing the web.config file and pages of SharePoint, and compatibility is not 100% yet.

    To get this working again (for SharePoint and other applications), go to IIS Manager, and on each web site click properties, and under the ASP.NET tab you can specify which framework to use for this web site.

  • Setting the default target frame for links in HTML (HTML + SharePoint)

    Never too old to learn a neat trick:

    <base target="_blank">
    <a href="">macaw</a>

    Now all links open up in a new window!

    Found this trick when working with FrontPage on a SharePoint page. When you select page properties, you can set the default target frame in the “General“ tab, which generates the base target code made bold above.


  • SharePoint course by U2U

    Last week we had a very good onsite SharePoint developers course for 10 of our developers given by U2U (, a Belgian certified trainingscenter on .Net technology. We had a (slightly modified) version of the course USPPS ( that comes with their own written training material. We slightly modified the training schedule because within our organization we do already a lot of development using SharePoint and wanted to go a little bit further in the course. The training was given by Patrick Tisseghem (read his weblog at, a great guy and good trainer who is very knowledgable on SharePoint, amongst a large range of related technologies like the new IBF framework that U2U is ging to promote in EMEA.He isn't the kind of trainer that just follows the book, he can help you out with your real-life SharePoint issues. Really recommended, and their on-site deal is really good! Soon a next course will follow (yes we do a lot of SharePoint development! See for more information)

  • WebDrive: Accessing SharePoint document libraries through drive letters


    Aren't you annoyed by the fact that you can only access SharePoint document libraries from the newer versions of Office (XP, 2003), and not from applications like Photoshop (before version 6), textpad, autocad etc?


     Wouldn't it be great to have some drive-letter mappings to the document libraries you are working on, and that every application can access the documents in this document library on all versions of Windows?


    I just stumbled across a tool called WebDrive from South River Technologies that does exactly this and much more! I can now access my favorite document libraries through drive-letters on our intranet that works over SSL. I love it.


    This is a great solutions for all those organizations still on old OS's, old versions of Windows and using applications that no nothing about the WebDAV protocol. Costs: $39.95 per user, multi-user packs and site licenses available)


    Have a look at


    PS: use WebDAV protocol, and remove encoded characters from url, so %20 must be replaced with a space.