DualLayout OpenSourceFood demo site installation instructions

We released DualLayout which enables advanced web design with the power of SharePoint. DualLayout and a demo site which shows off the feature of DualLayout can be downloaded from the DualLayout product page.

This blogpost contains detailed instructions on installing this demo site.

The DualLayout demo site is based on the site http://opensourcefood.com. The demo site requires internet access because for some menu items it still links to pages and resources of the real site.

Execute the following steps to install the OpenSourceFoodDemo demo site on your SharePoint Server 2010:

  • Downloaded the OpenSourceFoodDemo.zip file from the DualLayout product page
  • Copy the OpenSourceFoodDemo.zip file to your development computer running SharePoint Server 2010
  • Make sure that the zip file in “unblocked”, otherwise files are marked as “unsecure” because they are downloaded from another computer, and the installation script will not run (right-click on zip file, press “Unblock” button if available, if not available the file is already unblocked)
  • Unzip the OpenSourceFoodDemo.zip file to a folder of your choice (c:\OpenSourceFoodDemo)
  • Open the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (Start->Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products->SharePoint 2010 Management Shell)
  • Change directory to the unzip folder (cd c:\OpenSourceFoodDemo)
  • Start the PowerShell installation script: .\InstallDemoSite.ps1
  • Answer the questions, default values are in most cases ok. A little guidance:
    • Question: Give credentials for the account that will be used for the application pool
      Answer: use for example same account as used for the application pool of your SharePoint site (lookup in IIS Manager)
    • Question: Give credentials for the account that will be used for the application pool
      Answer: Use same account you are currently logged in with

The DualLayout demo site is made available through a SharePoint backup and restore created using stsadm. The SharePoint Server 2010 installation must be patched to a level equal or higher to the update level on the SharePoint Server that we used to create the backup.

If you get version errors with respect to the restore check http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ff800847.aspx for downloading the latest cumulative update. Don’t forget to make a snapshot before installing the cumulative update if you are using a virtual development environment. I updated one of my development machines to the december cummulative update and never got it working again:-(


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