SharePoint 2007 navigation - part 2

I while ago I started with a blog post serie on SharePoint 2007 navigation. I got to part one so far. Time is my enemy! We have been working on some great things with respect to SharePoint navigation lately like completely modified navigation elements and custom SiteMapProviders. I hope I have the time to elaborate on that in some future blog posts. I the mean time I point you to some nice posts on SharePoint navigation I ran into. Kudos to their authors!

  • Modifying the WSS3 tree navigation control explains how to turn on a tree navigation structure to get results like this:
  • On the SharePoint 2007 documentation on MSDN there is a section called How to: Customize the Display of Quick Launch which describes how to replace the Menu Control with the TreeView Control.
  • Another section in the SharePoint 2007 documentation on MSDN  called Using a Custom Data Source for Navigation describes how to use a delegate feature to replace the QuickLaunchDataSource delegate control in the default master page by defining your custom navigation data source that uses a SiteMapProvider. Cool but advanced stuff!



  • Hello Serge,

    Replacing ASPMenu with SPTreeView as described in Customize the Display of Quick Launch on MSDN. I don't get it to work. The problem is with the DataSourceId DataSourceId="QuickLaunchSiteMap"

    In the SPTreeView this gives me a bindings error. Have you tried this and can you give me a direction?

  • Hi Serge,

    Help !!!

    How to change "the provider that gets used as well"

  • I have been testing this out for several hours and I tried using the code above posted by TT, but with no luck. Has anyone tested this and got it to work? Is this Sharepoint 2007 or 2003? I could not get it to work in 2007. Any help would be appreciatted.

  • The link Modifying the WSS3 tree navigation control doesn't work!

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    "Hello. That is kind of an ""unconventional"" query , but produce other visitors requested you the way get the menu bar to look like you've acquired it? I even possess a weblog and am actually searching to transform across the theme, nevertheless am terrified to dying to mess with it for concern with the main search engines like google punishing me. I'm really new to all of this i'm simply not constructive precisely how 1 can try to to it all however. I will basically maintain doing work on it eventually at a time Many thanks for any aid you possibly can offer here."

  • SharePoint 2007 navigation _2D00_ part 2.. Retweeted it :)

  • I am using a completely distinct browser than most men and women, referred to as lynx, to ensure is what may well be producing it? I just wanted to create positive you learned. Thanks for posting some fantastic postings and I'll attempt to return back again which has a entirely distinct browser to verify things out!"

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