Add item to SharePoint list but returning to another location

Brad asked me for a solution to the following scenario:

I have two WSS sites -
- Site A is a project site for all project team members
- Site B is an issue capture and resolution site for three project issue trouble shooters.

Question: How can I call the newitem.aspx, located in Site B - Issues webpart from a link on Site A so that the newitem.aspx form pops up and the Site A users can fill it out. When they click the submit button, they return to Site A?

In other words, SIte A users only need to fill out the issues form. Site B users collect the issues and work them to resolution. My requirement is that Site B issues should be worked and reviewed on Site B, not on Site A.

This can be resolved using the Source parameter on the url of newitem.aspx:

You can add Source=xxx on the url, so:
Note the encoding!!!
After filling out the item, it will bring you back to the specified URL.


  • Works great. Thanks so much for the fix.


  • Serge:

    Disregard my last posting. The Go Back To List works just fine and sends the user back to Site A.

    I'd still like to know how to edit the Standard Menu bar though.



  • Make sure that the Source query string parameter has a capital S otherwise it will not work. I thought that HTTP query string parameters were always evaluated as case insensitive but not in this case.

  • Brad, for other kind of modifications like in the menu bar you could use the MacawSharePointSkinner, see the complete top of this blog.


  • Great tip-and the comment about it being case sensitive was also crucial!

  • Hi,

    The "Go back to list" points correctly when i do mouse over on it but its returning to the home page instead of allitems.aspx? Please let me know why this is happening and how to resolve it. Appreciate your help ASAP.


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  • Just a point you do not need to hard code this Source you can just add

    ONCLICK="GoToLink(this);return false;"

    this will append the Source to the end of the string


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  • Looks like it will not work in SharePoint 3.0 for a source that is outside of your base URL
    Ex: Will not work if the source parameter is for example.

    Any idea?

  • Has anyone find a solution to this last post (by Martin)?

    I am trying to redirect the page outside od my base URL and it gives me File Not Found error!


  • Hi,
    When a new item is added in a sharepoint list, I want to redirect the user to the View page for that item.

    I tried to do this using Events, but i was not able to get the autogenerated ID of the new added item. So it displays View page but with no data.

    How can i do this?


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  • last week our class held a similar discussion about this subject and you show something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

    - Kris

  • Very important info. Hope to find more items soon!

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