WSS+SP2 + .NET 2.0 + Unghosted Page -> Confirmed problem

In a previous post I described an issue I had with WSS SP2 running on the .Net 2.0 Framework.

The issue is that in unghosted pages (pages modified through FrontPage, and therefor having a copy of the modified site definition page ending up in the database) it is not possible to add web parts through the web interface. It is still possible through FrontPage though.

Sources from within Microsoft confirmed that this is indeed a known issue.

For now there are the following solutions:

  • Continue running WSS on Everett (funy that Microsoft keeps using the code names for there technologies;-) This means; the .Net 1.1 Framework)
  • Reghost* the page (if this is possible, FrontPage should’t have made changes to the page itself, only to web parts and their connections)
  • Use FrontPage to add web parts for these unghosted pages. One ceveat however: this only works for shared web parts, it is not possible to work with personal web parts through FrontPage.

Lets hope that Microsoft will come out with a hotfix for this issue, so all out trouble will be over. In the mean time: be careful what you edit with FrontPage and don’t mind about to be only editable through FrontPage, and what must be modifyable through the web interface.

Happy SharePointing!

*Reghosting can be done through the GhostHunter web part.

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