SharePoint v3: making your way through all bits and pieces

The PDC is almost finished, and finally we get the first bits of information on the next version of SharePoint: SharePoint v3. I’m wondering if they actually have a code name for it!

This is a list of resources I found up to now, it’s more for myself to keep track of it..

First of all the downloadable PowerPoint presentations of the sessions at PDC2005: Many interesting SharePoint sessions in there!

Eli Robillard visited the PDC and has some nice weblog entries at: Have a look at:

Also Bil Simser was at the PDC and has great entries at his weblog:

Check out entries:

Angus Logan was also at the PDC, and has some short statements on the new version of SharePoint at: Most important ones:

  • SharePoint vNext has security trimming (ie. context based display)
  • SharePoint vNext will ship with XSD's
  • SharePoint vNext has a built in scheduler
  • SharePoint v3 to support ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts

Dustin miller is another great name in the SharePoint world who also has a great blog at: Have a look at hier entry SharePoint "V3.0" Features ( for a great overview!

Patrick Tisseghem was also at the PDC, see his weblog at: for some nice info on SharePoint vNext.

Also Mike Fitzmaurice has some info, see his weblog at:

Also check out Mart Muller’s weblog at:

PJ Hough, Group Program Manager for Windows SharePoint Services also started a blog: keep an eye on:

On Channel 9 a video on SharePoint vNext is available. Have a look at: Also on the new workflow engine is interesting.

UPDATE 2005–9–27:

Some other great posts:



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