The Collective vs. the Individual... a possible first step? Or just Google...

Bil Simser is wondering if it is possible to have a collective place to collect all information on SharePoint. See his post at

In my opinion one of the best ways of getting “knowledge” out is through weblogs. This is exactly what a lot of people are doing. In out company everyone has access to its own internal weblog, and this is the way information is best shared within our company.

When I was setting up these weblogs I was also planning to create automatic categories you could assign your weblog post to, based on the SharePoint topics struxture, and based on the list of projects we are working on. It never came that far.

I still think it is a good idea, and an “easy” way to collect one part of the collective knowledge on SharePoint. Can’t we come up with a set of common post categories we assign our weblog entries to? Each blog engine support categories and separate RSS feeds on them. We could collect those RSS feeds into one big RSS feed, and based on these RSS feeds create a site that displays all collective knowledge categorized to a fixed set of topics…

But then the biggest issue: comming up with a set of common post categories... I’m afraid that part will brings us into taxonomy hell… to what level of detail do you define categories, how many categories are needed, etc.  etc.

Hmmm… maybe Google isn’t so bad;-)

Talking about Google: How about

We could link all our information in here..


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