Reduce SharePoint page rendering time by utilizing asynchronity in web parts

You never know which web parts end up in a SharePoint page. That is the power of web parts: combine them the way you see fit. But what if one web part accesses a web service that takes 3 seconds to complete, and another web part renders content from a database that takes 4 seconds…. If the web parts are not programmed with asynchronity in mind, you will end up with a rendering time of 7 seconds for your page, instead of just over 4 seconds as could be achieved when you follow “the rules”…

The SharePoint web part framework has great support for asynchronous actions in SharePoint, including support for timeouts on asynchronous actions.

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  • Well good work. I think that moss renders web part async for default. Is it maybe possible to tell web part container to render their content async? Maybe i need to build manually custom pages with this feauture?

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