Microsoft rumours: Did you know that...

Rumours from the battlefield... Did you know that:

  • Although the Yukon release is still very beta, the core is quite solid
  • That CLR support into T-SQL is already working for years
  • That Visual Studio is often NOT used within Microsoft itself by its developers, projects are way too big
  • But that Visual Studio is used for debugging ;-)
  • That for editing often Slickedit 8.0 is used (seems to support code completion...): during PDC presentations often used!
  • That Whidbey contains a new build system (MSBuild) that works a bit like (N)Ant
  • But that within Microsoft a bit older build system is often still in use, that was also available within the Shared Source implementation of the .Net framework named Rotor
  • That XMLSpy an often used tool within Microsoft is (especially within the Yukon group)

This info may be true... or not. It is just from hear-say...


  • SlickEdit looks cool , do you use it ? is it any good ?

  • It doesn't suprise me that microsoft doesn't use VS.Net for their projects. In it's current release it can be a real pain for projects consisting of more than just a few people. Whidbey is suppose to facilitate team development a lot better so I can't wait to see.

  • Do you mind defining SourceDepot? And please explain "easy to use"? Much appreciation.

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