Windows disk full trouble...

On my laptop I was constantly running out of diskspace. All the time I compressed everything I could, but I kept running out of diskspace. I was getting really pissed why this was happening so I searched my disk for big files. The Windows temp directory on my Windows Server 2003 (c:\windows\temp) was full of 100MB big files, and they kept comming. I wondered which application was creating them, so I used filemon.exe from A great utility to monitor all disk access. It happened to be the dw20.exe application, an error reporting application from Office 2003 (which is also installed on my machine!). After searching Google (searching at Microsoft makes no sense!) I found a link to an article at It describes how to turn off error reporting (don't know what is going wrong, everything seems to work, but errors kep getting generated I think).

I tried to follow their directions, but could not find the mentioned Group Policy Object Editor. Finally found it: execute mmc.exe from run... Do Add/Remove snap-in, select Add and select “Group Policy Object Editor“. Now follow the instruction in the article, and set Disable error reporting to Enabled. Now error reporting is disabled! The registry settings also described in the article did not work for me...

Finally I can get back to developing again!


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  • It gets weirder. I have NO MS Office installed on my machine and dw20.exe reports an error (I think, because it flashes by too fast to read) every time I shut down my machine.

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