www.iis.net site launched

If you haven't visited it yet, I'd highly recommend taking a look at the new dedicated IIS community site: http://www.iis.net 

This site has a ton of content about IIS 6.  Checkout the "Downloads" tab for log-parsing utilities, MOM managmenet packs, lockdown tools, and more.  The "TechCenter" tab then has an easy interface that you can use to search for whitepapers, KB articles, and web-casts.  

Best of all is the content the site has about IIS 7.0 -- which as I've blogged in the past is a major, major improvement to the Microsoft web platform.   Read this blog post to learn more about the improvements, and then check out the "IIS 7" tab on the site to read even more.  Here are the high-level sections to visit:

Make sure to click on the "Featured Articles" to the right of each of the section pages above for detailed articles and "how to" tutorials that you can run for each topic area.

Try out IIS 7

You can try out IIS7 either by installing the new Windows Vista Beta2 release (now available for download on MSDN), or by visiting: http://virtuallabs.iis.net/ 

This cool virtual-labs web-site allows you to spend 90 minutes managing a remote IIS7 server in a virtual sandbox environment -- no need to install any beta software locally.  It also includes three lab tutorials that you can follow along to build a .NET or C++ core module for the server, check out the new unified configuration system, and use the new diagnostic features to inspect what is happening in the web server.  Best of all -- you can use it completely for free.

IIS Forums

The new www.iis.net website also now has dedicated forums for IIS questions (for IIS5, IIS6, and IIS7).  This is an ideal place for administrators to ask questions about IIS, and for people using the new IIS7 to connect directly with the product team.

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  • Excellent! It would be nice to have sites like this for all MS technologies. Nice centralized locations for finding info, downloads and support. When will we see www.sql.net?? ;-)

  • Scott, Will IIS7 support the Edit and Continue you have introduced in WAP? (I suspect not but thought it worth asking anyway - it would strengthen my case for an upgrade to Vista! :)

  • Does this mean that you can build an asp.net interface into your website to administer your IIS 7 server? If so, then very cool indeed.

    next big question: when will it be released?

  • Wow, thought that looked like an Apple site for a minute.

  • Hi Brad,

    Yep -- this means you can use ASP.NET to build an admin interface for your site.

    It also means that all of your ASP.NET sites also support remote management of them over HTTP using the built-in IIS admin tool.

    IIS7 will first ship as part of Windows Vista later this year.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Jason,

    The IIS7 pipeline and web-server can be run outside of the IIS worker process (any process can host it). So in theory this could be used to enable edit and continue (although I don't have all the steps worked out just yet ).



  • Scott,

    I checked the site. For me as a developer, programming skills used in a site are as important as the content.

    What I like most in the site is the star rating control.

    Is this available as an open source control?


  • Hi Paketim,

    I don't know of a download for the star rating control yet -- but I definitely agree it would be a great one to make available. Maybe as part of the Atlas Control Toolkit?



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