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  • QQQ is sending out an SOS

    Thomas Marquardt, one of our developers on ASP.NET, recently published an article on MSDN about ASP.NET performance monitoring.  Along with the article are a number of great utilities (all complete with C# source code). 

  • Hitting Code Complete

    This weekend has been a pretty busy one for my team (ASP.NET and the Visual Studio web tools) as we drive towards hitting code complete (CC) for our current V2 feature milestone.  Our target date for hitting CC was this past Friday (the 14th) -- which really means late Sunday night.  About half of my team has been here at somepoint this weekend finishing up -- we look to be on track for hitting our goal.

  • My First WebBlog Entry

    Scott Watermasysk was kind enough to help set me up with this new blog -- and this is my first entry in it.  So far, I've been very impressed with the system he has built -- it looks very polished!