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  • Windows Azure and Office 365

    Last week’s Beta release of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint introduced several great enhancements, including a bunch of developer improvements.  Developers can now extend SharePoint by creating web apps using ASP.NET (both ASP.NET Web Forms and now ASP.NET MVC), as well as extend SharePoint by authoring custom workflows using the new Workflow Framework in .NET 4.5.

  • Entity Framework and Open Source

    The Entity Framework has advanced significantly over the last few years. A little over a year ago we released EF 4.1, which introduced the new DbContext API and EF “Code First” support.  Earlier this year we delivered EF 4.3, which provides Code First Migration support that enables developers to easily evolve database schema in a code optimized way.  And we are now in the final stages of wrapping up the EF 5 release, which adds enum support, spatial data types, table-valued function support and some significant performance and Visual Studio Tooling improvements.