Special 48-Hour Offer: Free ASP.NET MVC 3 Video Training

The Virtual ASP.NET MVC Conference (MVCConf) happened earlier today.  Several thousand developers attended the event online, and had the opportunity to watch 27 great talks presented by the community.

All of the live presentations were recorded, and videos of them will be posted shortly so that everyone can watch them (for free).  I’ll do a blog post with links to them once they are available.

Special Pluralsight Training Available for Next 48 Hours

In my MVCConf keynote this morning, I also mentioned a special offer that Pluralsight (a great .NET training partner) is offering – which is the opportunity to watch their excellent ASP.NET MVC 3 Fundamentals course free of charge for the next 48 hours. 

This training is 3 hours and 17 minutes long and covers the new features introduced with ASP.NET MVC 3 including: Razor, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Richer Validation, ViewBag, Output Caching, Global Action Filters, NuGet, Dependency Injection, and much more.


Scott Allen is the presenter, and the format, video player, and cadence of the course is really great.  It provides an excellent way to quickly come up to speed with all of the new features introduced with the new ASP.NET MVC 3 release.

Click here to watch the Pluralsight training - available free of charge for the next 48 hours (until Thursday at 9pm PST).

Other Beginning ASP.NET MVC Tutorials

We will be publishing a bunch of new ASP.NET MVC 3 content, training and samples on the http://asp.net/mvc web-site in the weeks ahead.  We’ll include content that is tailored to developers brand-new to ASP.NET MVC, as well as content for advanced ASP.NET MVC developers looking to get the most out of it.

Below are two tutorials available today that provide nice introductory step-by-step ASP.NET MVC 3 tutorials:

I recommend reviewing both of the above tutorials if you are looking to get started with ASP.NET MVC 3 and want to learn the core concepts and features behind it.

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  • WOW Thanks this Article ^^

  • First post!

    Awesome! Going to use it asap!

  • Great work Scott! Really liked the format of mvcConf

  • Nice..!

    Thanks Scott

  • Awesome series to start learning MVC 3

  • wow

  • God ! Scott Allen teaches very clearly too ! Just like the Gu.Great links as usual.

  • And I thought that things couldn't get any better.
    Thanks for providing these resources!

  • Whould be great if the mvcConf Session videos could be download-able.

  • MVCConf was excellent, that focus on a single technology really made things interesting and will have me coming back to see the sessions I missed.

  • too bad we can not download videos from ASP.NET MVC Conference.

  • Thank you sir, appreciated.

  • This is great. I'm working on a project that's using MVC 3 and I need to get up to speed. This is perfect! Thanks to Gu and to Pluralsight.

  • Thank you for the heads up. I am excited to learn about MVC 3 and hope to be able to use it soon.

  • It's great to see PluralSight recognized by Scott! I'm a long-time fan of, well both Scott and PluralSight. They've produced consistently superior training and learning support for many years, and I recommend their training for everyone. (Being a part-time trainer and coach myself, I know good materials when I see them!)

  • Scott,

    Sorry to post this here, but can't seem to add a comment in the archives. I often come back to series on Linq-to-SQL series created in 2007, however it now seems none of the code or screen shots will display in IE v8, as they used to do. Lack of these examples renders the whole series useless unless you can fix them. Please, a lot of your archived series are highly useful reference to look up bits and pieces I haven't worked with in while. Can you please fix these links?

  • Great videos, another extremely useful post, thanks

  • ah, probably will watch. But shop is switching over to all PHP. Clean and simple scripts, page at a time. MS is moving too fast with not much added value.

  • This is what I've been looking for to get up to speed with MVC (let alone 3.0). Just to change the paradigm from webform to MVC really caused me so much headache. However, I was able to make sense out of everything explained in the video. Thanks for the pointers! Totally a life saver.

  • Great, intro. I'm going to watch the rest now.

    My first time with Pluralsight Training they have put together some quality training material.

  • Thanks for the post. Excellent Training by Allen

  • Thanks Scott! As a seasoned forms developer I appreciate the baseline introduction into MVC. After watching all the videos, I feel comfortable that this is the direction I want to head on new projects.

  • Great tip, it's a shame the 48 hour freebie was in the middle of a busy week for me so I only had time to watch one segment (the one on Razor), but it was excellent.

  • I missed this offer, and I really can't persuade my manager to pay those pluralsight prices. I'm gutted about this. Where else can I find some good resources for MVC 3, as all the quickstart examples seem a little too basic.

  • @Nick,

    >>>>>>> I missed this offer, and I really can't persuade my manager to pay those pluralsight prices. I'm gutted about this. Where else can I find some good resources for MVC 3, as all the quickstart examples seem a little too basic.

    We are posting more training and offers shortly - stay tuned for more details.

    Pluaralsight also has a 10 day free trial, and a new monthly price of $30/month for unlimited access to training. This blog post talks more about it and might be a good opportunity: http://blog.pluralsight.com/2011/02/12/welcome-to-the-new-pluralsight/



  • Great ! thanks Scott

  • Is it really true that MVC3 will not work on the XP platform? I notice XP is not listed as one of the supported platforms on the download page.

    If so, this will cut me off from being able to use it at work. Please remember, some of us work for small, less-than-tech-savvy companies that are unwilling or unable (financially) to upgrade operating systems!

  • @Cynthia,

    >>>>>>> Is it really true that MVC3 will not work on the XP platform? I notice XP is not listed as one of the supported platforms on the download page.

    ASP.NET MVC 3 works on XP as well. You can install it on any machine that supports VS 2010.

    Hope this helps,


  • >>>>>>>>> ASP.NET MVC 3 works on XP as well

    Awesome! Really glad to hear that!

  • I really don't see how ASP.NET MVC matches the design phylosophie of all other devisions at Microsoft. It's like a big step backward, because the view is mixed with markup and some very strange code.

    All other state of the art frameworks at Microsoft can be programed in XAML and in a declarative way. In my opinion it was a big mistake to produce some complete different framework beside Webforms.

  • @tetrapack81

    Microsoft is trying to get away from an application development methodology on the web (winforms) and use something which is a bit more suitable for the web in MVC. MVC has been around for quite awhile and if you know of any Ruby developer, they can tell you about it. To me, MVC is more to the point of getting things done. With winforms, you really have to beat around the bush sometimes. I would compare the amount of code needed to process and generate a form in a Ruby MVC app vs a .NET winforms app and go from there.

  • Thanks for the videos, they are excellent and provided valuable information about MVC 3.0

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