Silverlight Firestarter Event on Dec 2nd

On December 2nd we are holding a free, all-day event focused on Silverlight.  You can attend it either in person on the Microsoft campus (where you’ll get to network with a bunch of Silverlight experts, and meet the product team), or watch it streamed live online. 

The all-day event includes a ton of great content and presentations focused on Silverlight development.  It includes a bunch of self-paced labs and walkthrough videos that enable developers that are new to Silverlight to follow along.  It also includes great presentations that will teach new tricks to advanced of Silverlight developers.  Most of the talks during the day will be focused on business application scenarios.

My Future of Silverlight Keynote

I’ll be kicking off the event with a 90 minute keynote on the future of Silverlight. In it I’ll cover our future Silverlight roadmap, and provide a first look at some of the exciting things coming.  If you are interested in Silverlight you won’t want to miss it.

How to Register

Click here to register to attend the event in person, or watch it live on the web.  Both options are available at no cost.

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  • Thnks, already registered! Wait this event so much! I'll watch it live online

  • Hi

    This looks great, will the video be available for viewing after the events as I wont be able to watch it live?

  • Looks awesome. Will the video be recorded for those of us not in a US timezone / unable to spend a work day watching the streaming video?

  • Do you know if keynote and presentations will be available for watching after the event ?

  • That's really exciting event for SilverLight developers, adopters and funs:) Wish it successful and splendid!

  • Silverlight Roadmap. Excellent idea.
    My client's Technical Director keeps on mentioning how silverlight is dead.
    I'd prefer he realised Silverlight will continue to be fully supported.

    WPF roadmap would be another thing I'd really like to see. If it included a native xaml report viewer and improved validation suppoert that'd be even better. Attributes driven validation like Silverlight might be nice.

  • Do you think it will be recorded and downloadable after the event ?

  • After will be the videos available to download?

  • Great! Hope this will further clarify the microsoft's silverlight "strategy shift" the more.

  • Is there a difference between PT and PST?

    Would be really helpful is you could post the starting time for all major time-zones (Berlin in my case), as I don't want to miss the (probably very important) first hour ;)

  • Looks great, unfortunately when I try to register online it says that "Page cannot be displayed. Please check the URL you have entered and try again. Click Here to go to the My Events page, or click Here to go to the Events Search page. "

    Will this be available on demand after the event?

  • Heffsta, Guillaume, Jean, Dylan - The videos will all be available offline withint a few days after the event.

    Mike - We are in Seattle, WA in the US which I beleive is (GMT - 8:00).

  • Please, please, please tell us that client side encoding of webcam/mic captures for streaming is coming!

  • Nice meeting, but what I always missed from such ones, they never go behind level 200.
    Can anyone put together a meeting an discuss say "Advanced graphics with SL", or "Display huge data in charts" and talk there about different possibilities of drawing, and finally show the fastest way of drawing in SL. In WPF we have the DrawingContext, that is the fastest one, what's in SL?
    Scott, please say to your SL experts to make a real-life chart-control that shows > 3000 records and is fast enough at scrolling and zooming.
    I'm even ready to pay for such a meeting :)

  • I stumbled upon this searching for silverlight help. What a fortunate find! It almost makes up for my PDC registration being rejected because it sold out midway through registration.

  • Looking forward to it.

  • Hopefully there will be words towards the hottest combination:
    SL with Websockets (WCF) for fast killer apps (that can do duplex).

  • I'm really looking forward to great presentaion. I really want to know the future of Silverlight. ^^;

  • I really like the way you guys are starting to really push Silverlight - full steam ahead! From the first time I previewed it I knew it was a great idea with tons of potential. With Blend 4 catching on and the successful WP7 launch things are finally coming together nicely for Silverlight.

  • Hi Scott,

    Of course, Microsoft must support HTML 5 - however.

    The only really critical point for the Firestarter IMO is how much Microsoft will support Silverlight penetration of Windows desktop browsers.

    I keep hearing all of the Microsoft voices saying - use Silverlight for LOB apps and games but for everything else use HTML 5; however, if Silverlight is only used for LOB apps and not article centric apps like blogs then Silverlight will not achieve at least 90% Windows desktop browser penetration.

    If Silverlight is not mainstream for Windows desktop browsers then it will certainly not survive on WP7.

    The only real thing that WP7 has going for it is Silverlight so without Silverlight WP7 will die.

    Would you develop with any technology that would not reach at least 90% of Windows desktop browsers - LOB or not?

    It does not matter what great features are added to Silverlight if there is not a high penetration of Silverlight on Windows desktop browsers.

    Please do not tell us at the Dec 2 Fire starter to just use Silverlight for LOB, games, and WP7 and to use HTML 5 for ever other Windows desktops web applications - if you do, you will kill a great technology and a great set of tools.


  • I have registered for live streaming, and got a confirmation. What the confirmation didn't include was any link to where the live streaming will be available. Any clues for me who is new to live streaming?

  • @Pal,

    >>>>>>> I have registered for live streaming, and got a confirmation. What the confirmation didn't include was any link to where the live streaming will be available. Any clues for me who is new to live streaming?

    You should get a reminder email today about the event with some more details on where to watch it. The live stream will be the same URL that you use to register:

    Hope this helps,


  • How can we stop the twitter feed on this.
    It is causing the presentation vedio stream to buffer.

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